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We've recently released another podcast with Jantz and Heather going into deep detail on the recent relief legislation: CARES. This is important content for both student loan borrowers and financial advisors.  You can view all podcasts here. 

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Summary of recent CSLP Podcasts

In case you've not visited lately, here is a brief summary of recent episodes:

CARES Act Discussion with Jantz and Heather

Many questions surround this recent legislation and this hour-long episode covers the topic. Student loan borrowers and financial advisors can benefit from this content.

The Ryan Frailich Interview

Ryan shares his story about becoming a financial advisor and the importance of every financial professional understanding the complexities of student loan advising. 

Carli Coyne on Growing a Practice Focused on Student Loan Borrowers

Carli speaks with Jantz and Heather about her practice and what surprised her about the CSLP Program.

Patricia Hughes, CFP, CPA, on helping student loan clients where others couldn't

Patti works with clients across the country and shares a few stories of how she was able to make a substantial difference in the finances of clients with student loan debt.

David Hessel and holistic financial advising

David shares his approach promoting a holistic, comprehensive financial plan wrapped around solving student debt problems.

Listen to all of the CSLP podcasts on our dedicated page here.


Larry Taylor, PhD

Written by Larry Taylor, PhD

Larry has over 20 years of experience as a marketing technologist and developer of financial education programs. One of his primary missions is to help professionals establish greater trust in their online audiences and to humanize digital communications. Larry holds a Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis on media.

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