FINRA – CSLA Recognition

CSLA is pleased to note that we are now listed on the FINRA site of professional designations as seen here.

Our goal is to continually provide assistance to the financial professional community in their student loan advisory services. We do this by providing a complete solution of training, software for loan analysis, a certification designation, and ongoing support.

Financial professionals in industries such as investment, insurance, tax and planning will see a continuing stream of opportunity to help the base of millennial clients who are in the early stages of their careers. These professionals in health, medicine, dentistry, psychology, law, and business will have student debt. They will seek financial advice that includes managing student loan repayment.

The CSLP program is a valuable resource for financial professionals who have clients with student loans. Despite misconceptions about student loans as any other debt, it's important that anyone advising a client about the financial plans, taxes, retirement, be aware of how the student loan repayment plans affect key goals. 

The content resources in the CSLP program assist financial professionals with their advising and planning activities. 

For more information about the content of the CSLP, please review the curriculum here.


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