New Webinar Series

We are pleased to introduce our student loan borrower series of webinars. Today we are publishing the most recent 4 sessions from early June. 

Heather Jarvis deliver 4, 1 hour sessions on a variety of topics of interest to student loan borrowers. 

In all live sessions, Heather takes participant questions. 

Session 1:

The top 3 mistakes (actually there are more than 3) that consumers make when filing for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Session 2:

A general question and answer session about all things student loans. 

Session 3:

What consumers need to know about their student loans when the going gets tough. 

Session 4: 

Perpectives on student debt

Visit the webinar series page here.


Larry Taylor, PhD

Written by Larry Taylor, PhD

Larry has over 20 years of experience as a marketing technologist and developer of financial education programs. One of his primary missions is to help professionals establish greater trust in their online audiences and to humanize digital communications. Larry holds a Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis on media.

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