New Year - Changes & Improvements to CSLP™

The Board is rolling out exciting changes beginning this month!  Join us as we continue to build a network of dedicated, competency-tested, licensed, and vetted financial and tax advisors delivering student loan guidance that borrowers can rely upon. Here are a few of the enhancements coming this month:

Enhanced Curriculum

Our comprehensive student loan advising curriculum will now be offered over four sequential university courses available individually or bundled together.

· Graduates of the four-course program earn a certificate from our education partner, Humboldt State University and the California State University system. 

· Licensed financial professionals successfully completing the program may apply for recognition as a Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP™).

Exclusive professional portal

Certified Student Loan Professionals (CSLP™) will enjoy a new online community containing the enhanced curriculum as well as a full library of practice tools, opportunities for collaboration with other expert practitioners, and much more.

Updates to the Board’s organizational website are also in the works to improve consumer-facing information and highlight our commitment to education and advocacy benefiting student loan borrowers.

Time’s running out on our current price; new rates take effect at the end of the month. 

Note that those seeking the CSLP™ designation will be required to submit documentation of licensure, affirm our Code of Ethics, and demonstrate competency by successfully completing the curriculum and its final comprehensive examination within six months of registration.


Heather Jarvis, JD

Written by Heather Jarvis, JD

Heather is a graduate of the Duke University School of Law and widely recognized as an expert source of student loan information. Heather has trained thousands of students and professionals and is sought after for her sophisticated legal knowledge and accessible teaching style.

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