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We are pleased to announce a new relationship with Humboldt State University, part of the California State University System. HSU has agreed to offer the Certified Student Loan Professional curriculum to graduate students as a part of their financial education.

In conjunction with the new HSU relationship, participants who complete the CSLP program will receive university credits.


“Humboldt State University is pleased to partner with the Certified Student Loan Advisors Board of Standards (CSLA Board) to offer this program. We believe that this curriculum is a vital component for practitioners or those pursuing degrees in accounting and finance, to have the most significant impact on those repaying their education while pursuing their personal and financial goals.”

Carl Hansen, Dean, College of Extended Education and Global Engagement.


“Student debt is an unfortunate reality for today’s graduates. While Humboldt State University does its best to keep education affordable, we also understand that many former students are challenged with finding knowledgeable advisors who can provide individualistic repayment advice. HSU is proud to be proactive and on the forefront of training and making identifiable the financial professionals who can help to reduce the long-term financial costs of student debt.”

Peggy Metzger, Director of Financial Aid


Written by csla_contributor

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