PSLF Program

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program is often misunderstood and unfortunately, inappropriately marketed by organizations who may lead consumers to believe there is a special relief program. PSLF is a program exclusively for borrowers who work in public service, typically a non-profit organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Specific guidelines exist to qualify for loan forgiveness and this process takes a minimum of 10 years to complete. Borrowers should verify with a qualified professional to determine if they qualify. It's also important to meticulously follow the rules on a monthly basis. 

Advisors who participate in the CSLP program are shown how to qualify client situations and explain the program requirements. Very specific guidelines exist and they must be adhered to each month over the qualifying period.

View the curriculum to see multiple CSLP course modules related to student loan forgiveness through participation in Public Service. 



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