The New CSLP Podcast series on student loan advising

We're excited to announce the release of the CSLP Podcast. It's available for listening on our site, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play Music.

The series will help financial advisors working with clients who have student debt, and consumers seeking to better understand how to make smarter decisions around advising and repayment. At this time, six episodes are available with more on the way.

The CSLP Podcast Focus - Financial Advisors

We wanted the CSLP Podcast to be informative and provide perspectives on the market for student loan advising. You'll hear from a variety of financial advisors who are aggressively focusing on this market and growing their practices. They have learned that there is pent-up demand for qualified and specialized advisors who understand student loan advising.

We have interviews with advisors who have relatively new practices and how focusing on clients repaying student loans accelerated their business growth. You'll also hear from financial planners who thought they knew all the rules and strategies around student debt repayment. After taking the CSLP Course their knowledge and skills were significantly enhanced.

If you have any doubt about the value of this market, listen to these episodes and hear how some advisors are focusing on graduates in specific fields such as healthcare and sub-niches to advise clients about their six-figure debt and the additional opportunities this represents.

Consumers can learn from the CSLP Podcast

Consumers can benefit from this podcast series as well. Hear how to better evaluate potential companies and individuals when seeking help on decisions about your student loans. Compare the approach these advisors take with their clients to what you hear from others who may not have the knowledge.

Don't assume that a CPA or CFP knows the best course of action for you if you have a student loan and need some direction. Don't assume today's plethora of companies pitching solutions to student debt problems will be the answer. Getting advice from a qualified financial advisor doesn't have to be overly expensive and can save more money in the long-run. Student loan repayment and financial planning is a long-term play, not a one-time event. 

Consumers must look for qualified advisors

Consumers should choose an advisor who has thoroughly studied, researched, and demonstrated their knowledge about student debt repayment. Look for someone who is a long-time partner for you and your finances, not a one type event. And lastly, the podcasts will cover steps to avoid such as rushing to consolidate student loans.

We've had advisors come to us realizing they made a huge mistake recommending that clients to consolidate. Later they realized that in specific cases it was simply not the right time for the client. We'll have more in future posts about what consumers need to know and look for when seeking financial recommendations about student loan repayment.

Whether you are a financial advisor seeking to make smarter advising decisions for your clients or a consumer wanting to get a high-quality advisor, we intend to help here.

And finally, whatever your podcast consumption preference, we have it. Listen on Apple Podcasts or Google Play. You can also read the full transcripts on each podcast page of our site.

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